The Beginning

Jesus’ last command was that his disciples should ‘make disciples’. It remains a clarion call to all churches everywhere. But making disciples has become a real challenge for many churches. It is a topic that has absorbed the hearts and minds of many, and indeed was the subject of the recent Evangelical Alliance Council meeting.

Tony Pullin has also written on the subject in his book, Making Disciples: How did Jesus do it? The book attracted an assortment of strong endorsements and supporters from a diverse range of individuals including Sandy Miller, Stuart Bell, Mark Bailey and Steve Clifford. This backing once again emphasised to us the importance of discipleship and its significance in the Church today.

CWR’s Involvement

At the heart of CWR’s ministry, for nearly 50 years, has been the desire to inspire and encourage personal revival, discipleship and pastoral care in our churches. Our hope is to keep the subject of discipleship high on the Church’s agenda, by offering forums to engage with and face the many different challenges for the twenty-first century Church, and support leaders all around the country.

The Forums

We partner with a number of local and national speakers to participate in regional forums. Each speaker will contribute their own experience and perspective, which will be followed by a time for discussion, reflection and prayer.

Each forum will run from 10am-3:30pm for just a nominal charge for the day. With some forums already in the diary, we are hoping to continue to grow Discipleship Forums and gather as many as we can to engage with this present, important topic.